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Engineering the modern building facade is a complex process involving disciplines such as structural engineering, thermal analysis, acoustic performance, building frame movements and maintaining air and water tightness of the building – and at the same time achieving the architectural design intent and aesthetics.

McMullen continues to lead the field by utilising cutting edge software and advanced manufacturing technology. We employ in-house a full range of professional engineering staff including structural engineers, thermal engineers, architects and mechanical designers. This allows us to offer the architect a greater range of materials and the freedom to express their designs whilst knowing that the building physics are all taken care of by a professional team of engineers.

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Structural Engineering - All structural analysis is carried out in-house by our qualified structural engineers, who are highly experienced in the facade industry. Overall facades and individual components are analysed using Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2009 software.

Thermal Engineering - In-house thermal analysis is undertaken by our thermal engineer for complete facades and individual elements using the FEA software package Bisco version 9.0w 2008 by Physibel.

System Design - Innovative design, system development and bespoke solutions are produced by the system design engineer, who utilises all the resources available both inside and outside the company, from initial concept to prototyping and full scale system testing.


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